Your safety is our priority

Safe and secure and all manufactured by us

From tilt and turn windows to standard side opening egress windows, there are sure to be options available to suit your requirements for a fire escape.

Our Tilt and Turn windows operate not only as side hung windows, but at the turn of a handle "tilt" inwards to allow ventilation without leaving the window fully open, perfect for those times where you want to allow some fresh air into your home but not at the expense of your home security. When you do want to open the window fully, our tilt and turn window will open into the inside of your property allowing not only escape in case of emergency but easy cleaning of the glass panes from the inside of your property!

If you would prefer the features/aesthetic of a more traditional side hung casement window, then we are able to offer EASY CLEAN egress hinges. These are a modern feature that will allow the window to not only fully open for fire egress purposes but also for you to be able to clean the glass from the inside of your house, making cleaning/maintenance easy.

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Acorn uPVC is a manufacturing company with a reputation for consistent quality and the highest level of customer care. We offer an industry leading 10 year, no quibble guarantee.

Guaranteed quality at the right price.

Our large plant in Tredegar South Wales is capable of producing windows and doors of the very highest standards and we have three of our own kite marks ensuring you get the very best quality at the very best price. We also have a showroom so you can come in to see and feel the quality yourself.